Why Us


The industrial belt of Indore has the potential  business of more than 5000 import/export containers per month. Due to inadequate infrastructure, major business was being done at Mumbai.

Looking to this scenario, our Chaiman, Mr. Ajay Agrawal felt the need and potential of an additional ICD. Hence, the first private port of Central India, ICD Dhannad was set up. Through this ICD, he not only wants to retain the outgoing business but it’s his innate desire to benefit trade, people, state and above all his home city Indore.

ICD Dhannad is the first private port of central India. It was launched on  1st October, 2008. It was a major leap not only for the Fairdeal Group, but for the central India region on the whole.


This unique ICD, with its customer-centric approach and precise logistical planning, is all set to bring about an energizing change in the way the cargo business is being carried out at present. For the first time, an ICD will ensure transportation by road, which implies timely delivery, lesser transit time, lesser risk of price fluctuation.

Our preparedness is our major plus point. Our preparedness means that we can make formidable commitments to our clients and associates. For evample, on the imports front, we promise to bring our import shipmenys to Indore within a short span of time. We have arrangements with many shipping lines for the availability of containers. If however, containers are not available at the ICD, we have the services for picking empty containers from yards/ports, a facility that is really required.


We believe our ICD will not only benefit our customers but also go a long way in reaping benefits to all concerned. With the setting up of ICD Dhannad, the region as a whole would benefit in terms of economic development, increased employment opportunities and all round prosperity. This venture will serve to put a stop to the vast opportunities being lost to other ports, thus retaining trade.

ICD Dhannad’s speed, time-management and commitment will benefit it associates as follows:

  • For Traders- Timely delivery means lesser risk of price fluctuation.
  • For Manufacturers- No more delays of raw material, hence increased productivity and minimum inventory.
  • For Shipping lines- Quicker rotation of containers and hence quicker rotation of money with extra profits.
  • For Customs- More revenues generated through duty payments etc.
  • For CHA- Easy and fast process can save manpower and increase volume.
  • For Seaports- Our speed can decrease the congestion of ports, thus leading to optimum utilization of ports.