Our inland depot is well prepared to benefit its entire spectrum of associates including manufacturers, traders, CHAs, shipping lines, sea ports and the entire import-export fraternity.

With the backing of sound financial capabilities, Fairdeal’s ICD Dhannad boasts of:

  • Ideal location
  • State of the Art Infrastructure
  • Well furnished Offices
  • Experienced and skilled manpower
  • Warehouses armed with latest systems
  • In-house Transportation division
  • Latest Equipments
  • Systematic Stacking and Weighing
  • Washing and repairing of containers
  • CCTV monitoring and Security
  • Reach Stackers, Forklifts and Hydras for better handling


ICD Dhannad is located 25 kms from the centre of Indore city and 18 kms from the airport . It is situated in the industrial area Pithampur of Indore. Most of the industries are in the range of 6 to 8 kms from our ICD.



ICD Dhannad is a full fledged establishment spread over an area of 16 acres. It is well equipped with all the modern facilities. The whole ICD is planned in such a way so as to provide the best facilities to all concerned.

We have tried to create an Eco-Friendly environment. The whole perimeter is lined with tall, big trees. There is a beautiful garden with lush green lawns spread over a big area and beautiful blooms surround the office building.

The roads of the ICD are made of concrete and the side-walks are well paved. Our ICD has the provision to hold nearly 2500TEUs at a time.


They say conducive working environment does impact the overall outcome very much. We agree.

ICD Dhannad boasts of a well-designed 2 storey Office building with beautiful modern exterior. It has an area of nearly 18000sq. ft.

When we expect all our associates to be a part in our mission of providing the best and the fastest services to the clients, we take the responsibility of providing them with best possible working environment and facilities.

The Custom Officers have the luxury of separate well furnished offices as per their designation. There are separate and well set offices for CHAs, Shipping lines, Bank, Transporters and all service providers besides its own Office.

All the offices have access to Wi-Fi connection. There is also the facility of canteen, STD-PCO service and Photocopy within in the premises. We ensure the best treatment to all our valuable visitors.


Our workforce is our prime most assets. We have experienced managers, qualified supervisors and skilled workers, all solely contributing to the faster and hassle free movement. We also have regular workshops and training sessions for our staff to keep them updated with the latest methods and techniques and boost the spirit of team-work.


Warehouse is the basic requirement for any container depot. We have well-equipped Ware-house spread over an area of _______ sq. ft. The whole of warehouse is managed in a modern advanced system. There is a separate storage area for import and export cargo. We have also planned separate warehousing for differentiable cargoes, scrap cargo and hazardous cargo. There is a planned storage for agricultural products. It also has the provision to handle refrigerated containers.

We will provide consolidation facilities, desegregation of LCL (Less than container cargo) and facilities to handle Over Dimensional Consignments(ODC) We have arrangements for cross stuffing and reworking of containers.

Our warehouses are spacious enough to provide product labelling, kitting, assembling, poly bagging, co-packing, shirk wrapping, palletization and depalletization.


Our ICD has 100% transportation by road at present. To reach the maximum efficiency, we are building our own fleet of brand new trailers. This will rule out transportation delays and ensure more controlled movements.We will always have provision for outsourcing trucks to meet the necessary requirements.To increase the workability, we have separate vehicles for outbound and local movements.Our vehicles will be GPS tracking enabled hence traceable at any time, anywhere. This will help the clients to track their containers directly. This will also help us to closely monitor all the vehicles to avoid any unexpected, accidental delays.


Our ICD is well equipped with all the latest equipments required to handle the containers and cargo. There is the latest Reach Stacker which provides fast and safe handling of containers .The Warehouse is equipped with Forklift and Hydra for fast and safe stuffing and handling of cargoes.


We have in-house Weightment Bridge facility. The automated weighbridge is of the highest possible capacity. These facilities being in-house saves the time and money of the customers, which has to be got done from an out source otherwise.Unlike other ICDs, stacking is not merely heaping-up to us. Itís a system that definitely speeds up the movement and avoids blocking and damages too. We have chalked out a system to stack containers of one shipping line together on a prefixed slot for easy notability, records and mocement. This will also help us to keep the shipping lines informed of their empty containers that are parked at our ICD. This in turn will help planned logistics at both the ends.


There are times when a container needs to be washed or some immediate repairing is to be carried out before reuse. It would be a very costly affair if shipping companies have to call all such containers back to their yards empty, only to wash or repair before sending back to work. We are providing all such washing, repairing and other facilities at our ICD, to enable the shipping companies get their containers ready to be reloaded as and when needed.


  • We provide fully secured port by special security services.
  • We have implemented all fire or calamity safety measures.
  • We have covered the entire ICD premises with CCTV cameras to monitor the working at port.